National Digital Library of India

National Digital Library of India

Eduvy is a Digital E-library that provides users with access to a collection of many subject materials. The app helps students and researchers find reliable sources for their projects, assignments, or research is the only site where you can search by date range in addition to keywords and word count.

 Eduvy is a knowledge discovery platform that helps people find and share articles, videos, podcasts, and other resources on any topic. It’s been built to help educators create better lessons for their students – as well as anyone looking to learn something new. It is a digital library that provides free access to educational resources such as textbooks, e-books, articles, and videos. It was created for the purpose of providing students with free or cheap alternatives to expensive textbooks.

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Eduvy is on the verge of launching them with a solid plan and all the ingredients to be successful. We have made it our mission to provide free access to educational resources for all students in India. In order to reduce the gap between rural and urban schools, we are developing a technology platform that will allow teachers from rural areas to teach using its repository of educational material. Eduvy is an ambitious organization that wants to bring education into the digital age with innovative technology applications.

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