Eduvy Technologies has revolutionized the education sector. Eduvy will technologize the admission system with Mobile Application. Rural and urban area students can search about the course, affiliation, college, availability of seats and confirm their admission and pay education fee in a single window. Eduvy will digitalized educational institutions and students/parents.
EDUVY is your window for all the students to take admissions, fee payment to colleges, Education loan Application, E Library and ERP for Institutions in India. Providing a wide scope to students, who can look upon the best colleges according to the line they want. While the online admission process is simple, students can filter their desired courses according to colleges they wish to study upon and check the availability of seats. Once they choose their preferred course at their desired college, they can take direct admission by filling up the registration form and pay the fees online. Once it’s done, their admission will be confirmed.

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Fees Payment

Eduvy Application would streamline the process of the education fees payment, making it more convenient for students and institutions

Education Loan

By offering a friendly user Interface and comprehensive features, eduvy aims to make the process of obataing and managing the educational finance more convenient, to students and their families.


By providing the vast array of digital resources in the user friendly interface, Eduvy can democratize the access to knowledge and support the learning for its users across various disciplines and backgrounds

Admission Process

The admission process is simple , students can filter their courses according to the college they wish to study , check the availability of the seats based on the eligibility criteria of the course

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Fully Secure

  • We use a customized application specificially designed to protect the privacy of the people.
  • A well secured app that ensures the protection of all your digital payment in one go.
  • A digitally encrypted app that ensures the safety of your payments.
  • An app that assists education and ensures the privacy of all your payments.

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The future Education belongs in technology, Eduvy facilitates the students in terms of higher education admissions. Eduvy will make easier for students and their parents to search across India and book admission, online fee payment, online E-Liberary. Admission process is key touch point for students with education institute. Eduvy ensure that admission process is easy and should help students to book admission without any kind of hassle. Eduvy’s online admission platform should be concise, well designed and easy to understand and glide through.

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