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Why you will choose EDUVY?


We are aiming to create revolutionary solutions to the current education process. Our mission is to reach the potential of students to the maximum level possible and bring the best out of them. We believe that students are our greatest assets and we aim to make the education process easy for us by providing the best service to students.


At Eduvy, we aim to be something more than just an educational adviser. Eduvy is a place, where students are moulded into learners, learners are moulded into leaders. We aim to prepare students mentally and emotionally, enhancing their ability not only to be job-seekers but also job creators.


The best way to nurture and grow young minds is with a teacher who shows the right path for the future. We aim to be that teacher. To nurture young minds, with competence moulding a person’s character developing an overall behaviour which will serve as a better person


Educational institutions have a lot on their plate when it comes to generating income and expenses. In the same way, the student's parents would want to know what their children are up to which includes things from attendance to grades. Towards that end, the education department has been using paper forms, which are very time consuming and tend to be messy. Since the paper forms are manually filled in by the teachers, there's a lot of potentials for errors to creep in. We provide an EPR system for educational institutions, which is a lot easier to use and is a lot more user-friendly.
Parents can check their children's whereabouts during school hours. Teachers can track students' attendance, assignments, change of classes etc. Students can view their assignments, daily timetable and access the e-library.


Applying to a college or university can seem like a difficult and tedious task, not just for students but also for their parents. There are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of steps to take to ensure that you're going to a good institution. In order to help parents, to find the best college and university for their children, we have created an app that looks at a variety of factors to determine which school is best for your child. We automatically filter out colleges and institution that interests the student.
Once a college is selected, we then help the parents with the financial aid process, because going to a good institution is all about money.


The biggest problem with searching for a university is that it can be difficult to find the right fit. There are so many, it's hard to pick which you like. For students, the portal is a one-stop destination for all inquiries. We will be helping them reach the best fit for their interests and needs.
This is done by taking into account the student's preferred learning methods and other factors such as global reputation and the number of available scholarships. We have professionals across the board in terms of degree and experience. You can trust us to guide you through your educational process.

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    The future Education belongs In technology, Eduvy facilitates the students in terms of higher education admissions. Eduvy will make easier for students and their parents to search across India and book admission, online fee payment, online E-Liberary. Admission process is key touch point for students with education institute. Eduvy ensure that admission process is easy and should help students to book admission without any kind of hassle. Eduvy’s online admission platform should be concise, well designed and easy to understand and glide through
    Simplified admission process can help students and parents time saving and it can improve perception of education institution in student minds. Technology has revolutionized the education sectors. Eduvy will technologized the admission system with Mobile App. Rural and urban area students can search about the course, affiliation, college, availability of seat and confirm their admission in single window.
    Eduvy helps the students to obtain their goals quicker. Students can confirm the admission across India without any one’s help. Eduvy helps bridge the gap between educational institutes and their students. It brings students and institutes closer, makes them more accessible and approachable to students. However there are some of the key things you must ensure to execute admission process without any glitches. Below are some of the biggest mistakes should be avoided during implementation of online admission system.